segfault using Linux ace

Noel Yap ivy1 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 14 00:33:17 EST 1998

Noel Yap wrote:
> I am having problems running Ace 4.5e on my Linux system.  When I try to
> re-initialize the database, I get a segmentation fault.  gdb tells me
> that this is somewhere in strftime().  I've been told that this due to a
> null pointer being passed to the function.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.

Jean wrote:
> this looks annoying, please what version of Linux are you running
> we use Red-hat linux to compile
> also, please what is your hard ware, 

Richard wrote:
> Acedb 4.5e crashes on some releases of linux, but not others (not in
> our hands under Red Hat, which is what we use).  We believe that this
> is due to bugs in giving an inadequate buffer length to system calls
> readdir() and/or getcwd().

I am using the Debian 2.0 distribution, on an IBM ThinkPad.  I had no
problems getting Ace 4.3 to run previously, although I have upgraded my
system since then.  Aside from the crash when initializing a new
database, however, Ace appears to work fine if used on a database
created on another system.

Richard wrote:
> I think our current code has been fixed for the linux crashes by Ian
> Longden (il at sanger.ac.uk), but can't work out exactly what you need to
> get the fixes.  I suggest you contact Ian directly.

Thanks, I'll do that.

Noel Yap
Curator, RiceBlastDB
Cornell University

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