webace & aceserver

Nicolas Pollet pollet at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Wed Jan 7 05:58:34 EST 1998

Dear Acedb gurus,
I wish you, but not only you, a happy new year.
And I have some questions ...
I am in the process of making a web server for an acedb database, together
with a server administrator here in DKFZ. 
I have a naive question concerning rpc, is it possible to have the
aceserver running on background, and  not by inetd, and still use the perl
aceclient? I mean that I tried this, and this is ok with the acelient  in
C. But I do not know if it is mandatory to have aceserver running via
inetd to have webace running correctly.
Just to give you more precisions on our state of the art: we have acedb
installed fully, aceserver and aceclient are able to run. We did not
succeed in running aceserver via inetd daemon, and my sysadm thought it
may be not necessary (for myself, I do not know much !!!)
We installed the Aceclient extension to perl5.x from webace2.
I made a test using the simple perl aceclient pacecl.pl and I got:
pollet at wuhan:/opt/www/axeldb/ace/wrpc <0>pacecl.pl wuhan 56789
ld.so.1: /usr/local/bin/perl: fatal: relocation error: symbol not found:
openServer: referenced in
Do you have any idea about the problem ?
Thank you very much for your help.
BEst wishes,

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