fix for ACEDB INSTALL problem with WS4.4-24

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Feb 17 04:45:35 EST 1998

This message is relevant to people who obtained the latest ACEDB
updates and INSTALL script from NCBI yesterday (Monday Feb 16).

The update file update.WS4.4-24.tar.Z which is part of the data
release announced yesterday did not install properly with the INSTALL
script obtained from NCBI.  Unfortunately the script there was out of
sync with that in England.  I have now fixed this at NCBI, so anyone
who obtained the updates yesterday and was unable to install update 24
should get a new copy of INSTALL from the NCBI ftp site and proceed as
usual.  If you have already loaded updates 1 to 23, that is fine - you
can add in 24 to 26 on top of that.

If you have not yet obtained the updates and tried to load them, then
you can proceed as usual, but make sure to get a copy of the new
INSTALL script to replace any that you currently have.

Richard Durbin

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