webace, perl module

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Feb 12 08:29:38 EST 1998

There have been several messages on the newsgroup recently about the
problems of making the perl component of webace, and making webace
itself run.

We have recently managed to produce a makefile that will compile a
stand alone perl module that can be dynamically linked into your
existing perl, without requiring recompilation of perl itself as with
the previous NAL version.  This follows the approved way now to create
such extensions.  We intend to make this available on the acedb ftp
sites in the near future (the next few days) and mail the newsgroup
when we do so.

Tim Hubbard here has also been working extensively on extending and
developing webace, using the latest acedb code.  Various experimental
services on the Sanger Web site are using this.  I expect that in a
few weeks we will have a version that can be stabilised and made
available to others.  This uses gifaceserver to make .gif files, and
is complementary to the Java approaches of Jean and Licoln Stein.


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