Nicolas Pollet pollet at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Thu Feb 12 07:15:04 EST 1998

Hi all,
As you may have observed during the last months, some recurrent questions
about webace2 and webace appeared in the newsgroup. Being one of those
which asked questions, I felt it would be of interest to have more tips
and hints from those which are succesfully running a web interface to
their database.

For example,it would be of interest to know which platform/aceversion are
actually running succesfully. Of interest, for example, is if somebody has
a 4_5 acedb running succesfully with webace.
Another point which will help all those willing to make a web interface to
their favourite database, is to know what kind of problems have been
encountered, for example during the compilation of perl with aceclient
extension and the configuration of the perl CGI script (see Robert mail).

I thought that since the web is certainly the way by which most of acedb
database will be queried, it would be nice that the establishment of a web
interface is as easy as the making of acedb, and that the pitfalls are
clearly marked.

I will likely make a compilation of all answers, but the responses posted
to the newsgroup will certainly profit to more people.

I hope not to be the only one to learn a lot in this,
Best wishes to all

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