20M of internet linked accounting software for $5M!

Stephen steph at computer-supplies.com
Wed Oct 22 18:59:12 EST 1997

Here's HOW.
I have WON a legal copy of Data Pro EZ NOW! accounting software
with all you need to link this software directly to the internet.
It will update your inventory immediately directly to
the internet. Show pictures of every product and change it in
seconds if you need to. You can set  up for your customers
to purchase DIRECTLY ON LINE! Link it with other
modules and have your customers check the status of an order, make payments
directly towards their account. See their
account balances....and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Because I have WON it directly from Data Pro I am entitled to
sell this software NO STRINGS  ATTACHED for what ever I want.
If we had not already had an on line system we would be using it right now.
So now instead of buying it from them for $20M I'm willing to sell my copy
for $5M

Data Pro sells it right now for
$20,000.00 go and see! I can sell 1 copy ONLY for
just $5,000.00 First check out http://www.dpro.com
and take a  tour of a sample store. Then check out their
price for the internet linking software EZ NOW!. You'll see it's $20M
or more. Then visit http://www.computer-supplies.com
Do a search under our "SEARCH" engine for "Data Pro"
and check out our price. Remember I only have 1 copy

This can never be repeated again!
Better check it out NOW!!!

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