no empty values for ?Text

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Oct 9 20:50:31 EST 1997

In ace 4_5 it's no longer allowed to enter "" or " " for a value of 
type ?Text.  Does anyone have a problem with this?  

I used "" in some cases where a tag had multiple subfields and emptiness
of the ?Text ones wasn't very noteworthy.  E.g. model:

   ?Probe Wheat_polymorphism ?Text ?Restriction ?Text
	  //Chromosome, Enzyme, Score.  E.g. '2D EcoRI "15 (2/15)"'

, data:

   Probe : "xyz"
   Wheat_polymorphism "" HindIII "0.0 (1,13)"

Is the "" option still available for Text's, as opposed to ?Text's?

- Dave

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