simple 'annotation' questions...

Brian Osborne bosborne at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Mar 16 22:30:51 EST 1997

To the group,

Forgive these elementary questions, I am new
to acedb! I have ace files, which include genefinder
predictions, as well as blastn matches, blastx matches,
etc. I also have an ace file (Methods.ace), containing
methods to visualize these hits. I read in both files
after starting up the db - I can see that the methods
have been parsed correctly by viewing them individually.
But, I cannot see the blastn hits on screen, as boxes.
I seem to have omitted something - how can I view the

And another : I have looked around the sites and found
a lot of useful documentation. One thing I haven't seen
is documentation on how to use genefinder and 'annotate'
in acedb. Does such a document exist?

Thanks for your attention to these matters,

Brian O.

Brian I. Osborne		bosborne at nature.berkeley.edu
Plant Gene Expression Center	TEL 510 559 5924		
800 Buchanan St.		FAX 510 559 5678
Albany CA 94710 USA

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