Physical map clutterring

Peter Hallowes hallowes at wehi.edu.au
Thu Mar 13 17:58:08 EST 1997

Dear ACeDB community,

I am implementing an ACeDB database for malaria
and the problem I am facing is that positive loci
of clones appear twice on the physical map;
Once just below the genetic horizontal bar, in correspondence
with the clone above the genetic horizontal bar.
And again, attached to the bottom horiozontal bar
that represents the whole contig.

When the loci are close together, their second appearance
has the effect of clutterring up the whole display.

Is the seccond appearance of loci on the Physical Map
a side effect of

View : "MAP-default"
Columns  "Loci" 1 Point_yellow ">?Locus Positive_clone"

or can I get rid of it without losing the color on
the genetic map that indicates that the locus hybridises
to a clone?

Yours sincerely,


Peter Hallowes
e-mail address: hallowes at wehi.edu.au
Adress: 7/18 Princes Street, St Kilda
Victoria, Australia

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