Jade Display writing

Mazda Hewitt Mazda.Hewitt at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Mar 6 05:42:05 EST 1997


I have all of the documentation for jade and have it running on my acedb
database, this all works fine.  The problem I have is that although I
can write a applet that can fetch a table form the database and display
it, I don't know how to integrate a display into jade. Say I wanted to
replace the Vmap display with one I have already written to display a
genetic map.  I need to get a array of loci objects or a table of loci
names and positions.  That's OK, the documentation on the AceAccessor
and AceObjects is fine.  But if I want the map to be brought up when a
map is clicked on in jade, or highlight a specific loci, I'm stuck.  I'm
not sure where to alter jade to say what map to bring up when, also I'm
not sure what interface is needed in my map to receive the correct
object to display. There must be a way of passing what to display from
one display to another.  In the source code I've seen the "Implements
Displayable" inheritance, is this all that is needed to interface my map
into jade? 

public interface Displayable 

public void invokeDisplay (Accessor db, Key key) ;

public boolean reDisplayable() ;

public String [] about () ; // Info on the display, authors, date,

public String nickName () ; // Name of display for human consumption

This is the Displayable interface,  do I need to override the
invokeDispaly method to implement the starting of my map.  Is the "key"
in that method the object name to be retrieved? 

Also, after I have brought up the display how do I display another
object.  Say I have a map and someone double clicks on a loci, how do I
invoke the display to show a loci object?

Thanks for your help.

Mazda Hewitt

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