aceserver/aceclient on Linux

Staffan Bergh staffan at sibirien.physchem.kth.se
Thu Mar 13 03:15:31 EST 1997

Hi, has anyone got the aceserver running on Linux? I get errors in the
rpcgen-generated code (surprise, surprise ...). The error when running rpcgen
with option '-5' (that should produce SysVr4 code) is that netconfig.h is
missing, the standard (option-less) invocation gives error on argument
mismatches and missing functions. Some more-or-less random hacking in
rpcace_sp.c gives me a server that starts, but seems to loop on client
connections, slowly gobbling up more and more of the cpu until a SIGSEGV stops

Before I investigate this further (i.e. to save some time :) has anyone done

Linux version 1.2.13 (Redhat 2.0 -- old, I know)

Cheers /staffan

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