Error when inputting peptide sequences

Simon Whitfield simon at TITUS.U-STRASBG.FR
Wed Jun 11 08:38:38 EST 1997


I'm trying to read protein sequences into AceDB 4.3 via ace files. I
_think_ I have the syntax right for the peptide data, but I get an error
message. For example, the entry

Protein SW:Q01705
Title "NTC1_MOUSE..."
DNA_homol MMNOTCHA "BLASTX" 14408 1 2531 79 7671
Database SWISSPROT Q01705

Peptide SW:Q01705

gives the error message 

"Type of SW:Q01705 does not check in B object "SW:Q01705" "

Can anyone explain to me what is going on?

Simon Whitfield

simon at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr


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