Pictures and movies in Macace

Jeff Hardin jdhardin at facstaff.wisc.edu
Sat Jun 7 09:30:59 EST 1997

Hi folks:

I can't get display of pictures in Macace (C. elegans database). I
discovered that I could fix the Unix version bt altering the
display_script to point to ImageTool (my image viewer), but I can't do
this for the Mac version. It use to work, on an earlier version. Is this
now broken?? Thanks! 

Also, at one point you could display movies in Macace. Is this also
broken? If not, do I need to make a new class called "Movies".

One thing that would greatly help me out is a pointer to some real, live
documentation on how to use this software, rather than my hacking.

Many thanks!


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