Newbie Question about layout using View

Gail Schuman schuman1 at BNL.GOV
Thu Jul 10 15:28:56 EST 1997

Hello All,

	I am *very* new to acedb and am currently 'playing' with making up a
test data base...I have tried several things to get one of my tests to
display the way I want, but no luck so far.  I thought Group might be
the answer, but I haven't had much success there either...yet!  I don't
give up easily...I would like to arrange the map to appear in this

locator  scale clones(intervals) frags(also intervals)

The data looks like:

Clone "046-F06"
Map "Bb_block9" Left 14.6360
Map "Bb_block9" Right 18.5120
Sequence : "046-F06"
Contains_Fragment : "531b-15"
Contains_Fragment : "435a-30"
Contains_Fragment : "703a-13"
Contains_Fragment : "514a-32"

Fragment "531b-15"
Map "Bb_block9" Left 14.6360
Map "Bb_block9" Right 15.0960

Fragment "435a-30"
Map "Bb_block9" Left 14.6360
Map "Bb_block9" Right 15.2420

etc., with more clones and fragments...when they are mapped, the
fragments and clones appear to be in some random mixed order (although I
am sure this isn't really random), but what I want them to do is put all
the clones together to the left of the fragments...

The view looks like:

View : "block_ctg"
Columns	 "Marker_loci" 1 Marker_points
Columns	 "Locator" 1 Locator Projection_lines_on
Columns	 "Scale" 1 Scale Scale_unit 0.010000
Columns	 "Scale" 1 Scale Cursor Cursor_unit 1.000000
Columns	 "Intervals" 1 Interval_JTM Names_on
Columns	 "Intervals" 1 Interval_JTM Pne GREEN
Columns	 "Intervals" 1 Interval_JTM Pe RED
Columns	 "Intervals" 1 Interval_JTM Nne LIGHTBLUE
Columns	 "Intervals" 1 Interval_JTM Ne RED
Columns	 "Contigs" 0 Contigs
Columns	 "Reversed_physical" 0 Reversed_physical
Columns	 "Two_point_data" 0 Two_point
Columns	 "Multi_point_data" 0 Multi_point
Columns	 "Likelihood_distribution" 0 Likelihood
Columns	 "Loci" 0 Points Point_pne GREEN
Columns	 "Loci" 0 Points Point_pe RED
Columns	 "Loci" 0 Points Point_nne LIGHTBLUE
Columns	 "Loci" 0 Points Point_ne RED

Thanks for any light you can shine into the darkness for me!  I do
appreciate it.

Gail (Schuman)
Brookhaven National Lab
Biology Dept
schuman1 at bnl.gov

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