Questions on setting up a new database

Xiao Mang Shou xms at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Tue Feb 18 17:07:09 EST 1997

Dear Netter,

I'm new to the ACEDB package.  I want to use ACEDB to create my own
database.  I have tried to set up a test database by creating models.wrm,
classes.wrm, tags.wrm files under wspec/.  I have also created a *.ace file
under rawdata/.  But every time I started acedb, it caused core dump. 

If any of you knows what's going wrong, would you please let me know? 
I've tried both with and without the system's original files under the 
database dir.  Both ways caused core dump.

Xiao Mang Shou  
email: X.Shou at dcs.shef.ac.uk

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