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Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Tue Feb 18 13:38:38 EST 1997

Greetings Pierre and Louis-Marie!

> Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 17:19:17 +0100
> To: "Dave Matthews" <matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu>
> From: raboin at cirad.fr (Louis Marie Raboin)
> Subject: Re:  questions about Macace
> Greetings from Montpellier, Dave !
> We are making a lot of progress with our Acedb database on banana molecular
> data.
> We 've got it on UNIX as well as on Mac. We 've got a few questions about
> the latter. First Macace requires more than 30 Megabytes RAM to run. That
> is a lot for the average capability of our macs. We would like to know
> wether it is possible to lower this memory requirement and how to go about
> it.

I believe you can run in only 16 MB (including virtual memory) as long as
you aren't loading data, but you need 32 MB to load.  So I suppose you
could do all your loading on your biggest Mac and then copy the folder
"database" to the other ones.

> The other point is Macace Tablemaker which doesn't seem to work. We 've
> got no choice in the selector keyset. We checked on the RiceMac CDROM and
> it's the same. Maybe this has been fixed in later versions (We've got
> Macace 4.1). 

Yes, Tablemaker seems to be completely nonfunctional in Macace 4.1b1, which
is the latest version as far I know.

> We wonder if you 're working with this Mac platform. Anyway we
> welcome any information. We 're asking you because we couldn't contact
> Frank Eeckman. Maybe you know his new Email address.

No I don't.  You might try Cyrus Harmon, sly at fly2.berkeley.edu, or
Richard Durbin, rd at sanger.ac.uk.

> Thanks a lot.
> best regards,
> Pierre and Louis-Marie,
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> Louis Marie Raboin
> 2477, av du val de Montferrand - BP 5035
> 34032 Montpellier cedex 1   FRANCE
> tel: 04/67/61/56/31
> raboin at cirad.fr
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You're welcome, I hope this is a little help.  I'll cc this to the acedb
newsgroup, maybe you can get more informed answers from other folks.

- Dave

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