Bioinformatics Job Skills: Next Wave Special Issue

Fri Feb 14 11:24:35 EST 1997

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     Bioinformatics is arguably the "next big thing" to hit biology and 
     computer science. The Next Wave site (www.nextwave.org) is following 
     up last year's general bioinformatics New Niche feature with a special 
     issue on bioinformatics skills. We look at the skills that are in 
     highest demand, career directions, and the future of this emerging 
     --- What Hiring Managers Want: Bioinformatics group leaders at Bayer, 
     Myriad Genetics, TIGR, and Wyeth-Ayerst Research discuss the skills 
     they value most.
     --- Hot Skill Sets: Eight people with diverse industry and academia 
     backgrounds discuss which skills they've needed most and how they 
     acquired them. Career tips from bioinformatics researchers at 
     SmithKline Beecham, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Mercator Genetics, the 
     Keck Center for Computational Biology, and more.
     --- Past, Present, and Future: An overview on the field from a 
     Canadian scientist and start-up company consultant.
     --- Virtual Education: Bioinformatics skill-building classes and tools 
     accessible on and off the Web.
     --- What's Next: Predictions for the post-genomic era. Experts offer 
     their educated guesses.
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