Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at KAA.CRBM.CNRS-MOP.FR
Tue Feb 11 12:20:30 EST 1997

Madame, monsieur,

I found your email on the last acedb FAQ
as I have to fill a report on what I do, which
fortunatelly is not too often at cnrs, would you
be kind enough to email me a short reply describing

1) Have you used, for how long, and do you still use acedb
     if no, you are done
      but please do not say no just to alleviate your work !
     if yes, please answer some of the folowing questions

# Questions about the code

2) On what machine
3) Do you care for:
    unix version on some other platform
    mac version
    pc windows version
    graphic client version
    server/client technology
    java visualisation
4) Do you crash often, loose data ever ?
5) Which are the bad or missing displays that should be improved

# Questions about your own data
6) If not confidential: the subject
7) How many objects in the data base, see class command from tace
8) How many different ace databases you run
9) Do you distribute, how many users do you have ?
10) Did you ever produce a cd
11) Do you have/care for/need a web interface to your data

# Plans for the future
12) Do you intend to switch to something else, if yes what/why ?
    or to keep using acedb ?

# Wish list
!! your most desired new feature, you never know
!! it might be granted

Thank you for your collaboration
Danielle et Jean
 and i ll copy all your answers to Richard, so he won't have to ask again.

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