Acembly and // !! KEYWORD name_of_command does not match

Crepineau florent crepinau at pas-de-spam.sb-roscoff.fr
Fri Dec 19 08:23:58 EST 1997

   Dear Acedb users,

As I was told I could ask question on Acembly in this newsgroup, that is
what I am doing.

I have been trying to use Acembly for the last three weeks without
success. First I did not realise that Acembly was not the software so I
downloaded (from the NCBI ftp server) the sources to recompile them for
SOLARIS_4 but the script for cc does not work so I had to use the gcc.
Eventually I managed to compile the sources but I did not find, in the
bin.SOLARIS_4, the files I was supposed to find (ie : acembly and tacembly
and makeSCF). For make SCF it is quite normal I did not recompile the
sources I downloaded :-) but for the other one??? What I found was 'tace'
and 'xace'. After making the commande acembly it was clear that  'tace'
should have been 'tacembly'. I changed the name and at the same time I
changed 'xace' to 'xacembly'. Actually, I copied the two files and changed
the names so that 'xace' and 'xacembly' are both present in the
bin.SOLARIS_4 !

Well everything went smoothly when I typed the command :
I created a new project using the name of the folder containing my scf
files and the software carried on. It found the scf file, did a scf2ace
but when it tried to do the quality clipping it did

// !! KEYWORD Acembly does not match
// !! KEYWORD newSCF does not match


And when it does a AddNewRead, all the KEYWORD do not match.


Has anybody been faced by this problem?

Wich you a merry christmas and happy new year

florent Crepineau

crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr

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