NEWBIE : TIGR assembler and ACEDB?

Crepineau florent crepinau at pas-de-spam.sb-roscoff.fr
Mon Dec 8 11:37:22 EST 1997

   Dear ACEDB users,

I am new to this field, I was looking for this type of database and found
the one developed by TIGR. However it uses Sybase and we can't afford it.
Still they have released a program called 'TIGR Assembler' which assembles
contigs. In their last release they say that the program is now supporting
.Ace output format to use with consed. I know that AceDB has its own
contig assembler : Ace.embly. However I have used the 'TIGRassembler' and
I would rather not have done this for nothing :-) Does one know if I can
use the .Ace output from the TIGRAssembler with AceDB?

And secondly, by reading the FAQ of this list I have realised how AceDB
can be used in such diver ways! However, when I downloaded the program,
the database was the one of C. elegans. How can I creat my own database?

Thanks in advance.

Florent Crépineau

crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr    Please remove pas-de-spam to answer back (thank you)

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