re-vote? locus name truncation on Gmap

scartinh at coyote.tamu.edu scartinh at coyote.tamu.edu
Fri Aug 29 12:59:18 EST 1997

matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU ("Dave Matthews") writes:

> Richard said,
> > In order to not push loci too far out of
> > position, their names are truncated as necessary (down to a single
> > character) as you zoom out.  After considerable discussion amongst users of
> > the working version over the last year (at the Sanger Centre and elsewhere)
> > the consensus was that this was an improvement.
> I don't know if I agree.  I think I'd prefer to have them bumped to a new
> position, and in cases of extreme crowding for some to disappear altogether,
> rather than displaying them under incorrect names.  
> At least, could clicking once on the locus cause its full name be shown on
> the map?  And would it be possible to shade the truncated names grey or 
> otherwise decorate them to indicate they're not whole?
> - Dave

Could we make name truncation an option?


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