Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Aug 28 10:09:20 EST 1997

Jean says,

> the present system has 4 levels
> full name
> 3 letters abbrev
> 1 letter abbrev
> gone

I don't think levels 3 and 1 are very useful for our (Cornell) databases,
since on the one hand our locus names are highly degenerate in the first
three characters, and on the worse hand we have a number of 1-character
gene names with which these abbreviations could be confused.

Would it be possible to replace the locus name with a graphic, a little 
circle or something, instead of the abbreviated name?  That would be 
preferable to me.

Maybe this could be made a choice via the map's View object?

> also when you touch a gene its full descriptor goes in the top blue report
> line

Oh, I didn't notice that.  

- Dave

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