MONEY (and the IRS)

Jeronimo Jones jjones at wolfenet.com
Sun Sep 22 14:53:44 EST 1996

In article <3242B36F.7F69 at wing.rug.nl>, bounce at wing.rug.nl says...
>Taking 5 minutes to read what follows can change your life :

<snipped for brevity>

>  Two weeks  later, I began  receiving money in  the mail!   I
>  could not believe it! Soon, hundreds,  and then thousands of
>  dollars began to  roll in. Within 4 weeks, I  had received a
>  total of $32,445!

How much of this $32445 has to be reported to the IRS?  How do they keep track of 
all this money that people send to you?  How do you claim it on your 1040?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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