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rd at sanger.ac.uk rd at sanger.ac.uk
Sat Sep 21 13:48:33 EST 1996

> i rather like the proposal
> FOO f
> tag a b
> tag c d tag3 e
> where tag3 is in a submodel, then
>   ee = ff.tag[2][tag3]
> i have to get used to it, but i think it is natural
> and if i want what is right of c i would have to do it
> as a constraint WHERE tag[1]=c, i suppose ?

No, "WHERE tag[1] = c" will not work.  There is nothing tying that to
the ee line.  You need

    cc = ff.tag, 
    ee = cc[1][tag3]
    cc = c

This binds cc to match c, and hence ee only ranges over things right of that.

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