ER diagram for ACEDB or similar

Eric E. Snyder eesnyder at sequana.com
Thu Oct 17 22:03:04 EST 1996

Krishna Patel wrote:
> Thanks to all those who answered my novice question yesterday. Cheers!
> The ftp sites and FAQs make no mention of any entity/relationship
> diagrams for ACEDB or similar.
> Has someone constructed an ER Diagram of ACEDB?  Is such an ERD
> available somewhere? If so could someone please let me know.

I'll take a crack at this.   Hopefully I understand the question

Although the usual ACEDB distribution contains a models.wrm which 
defines a "schema" for the database, it is really just a starting
point.  It can be changed easily; many variations exist. There are 
several versions available from the Sanger Centre web site which 
support different projects and databases.  In other words, the 
ER diagram is totally dependent on the models used in the database.
It would be interesting if there were a tool analogous to SilverRun
for Sybase that would generate such a diagram, give a definition
in the form of a models.wrm file.  I haven't seen such a tool however.
Maybe someone would like to write one-- I would use it!

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