xv problem

Paul Brunk pbrunk at dogwood.botany.uga.edu
Fri Oct 18 04:28:37 EST 1996


I compiled acedb 4.3i (Solaris 2.5, gcc 2.7.2, no obvious compile
problems).  I have a model using "Pick_me_to_call", and the data for
that model include a line "Pick_me_to_call xv filename".  I have two

 1) xv works, but it seems as though ACEDB has exec'd it; that is, no
    other acedb activity is possible while the image is displaying,
    and more importantly acedb exits without messages after xv quits
    (quitting from xv's menu).

 2) I tried "Pick_me_to_call scriptname arg", where "scriptname" is the name
    of a script in the "wscripts" directory, and the shell from which
    I invoked acedb reports that "scriptname" wasn't found, ie. acedb
    had not looked in the "wscripts" directory to find the script.

I also saw this happen under earler 4_3 releases of acedb.  Am I
missing something?  Thanks!

Paul Brunk, former ancillary staff
University of Georgia Botany Department
pbrunk at dogwood.botany.uga.edu

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