macace update again

David Grant dgrant at iastate.edu
Thu Oct 10 15:16:55 EST 1996

> >are their any special steps to adding the Unix data updates to Macace? I
> >noticed that they're just text files, so once the tarZ files are
> >decompressed, they ought to work. Is there some place I can look for more
> >information?
> >

> A short instruction of updating macace:
> Get the new unix updates on your local unix machine (see news
> ACEDB data updates for C.elegans for details). If you have installed 
> a unix acedb already the update files are in $ACEDB/rawdata. 
> To do it by hand:
> uncompress update.WS1.4-*.tar.Z             #short: uncompress *.Z
> tar -xvf *.tar          #to see what's in the files: tar -tf *.tar
>        #you can combine those steps with: zcat *.tar.Z | tar -xf -
> the updates are in /rawdata. In case there are new wspec files they are
> in
> /wspec (none this time).
> Take a Macintosh ftp program (e.g. fetch) and get them to your Mac.
> From the sanger center you can download update.WS1.4-17 to 20 directly 
> with fetch on your local mac (e.g. folder acedb:rawdata)
> ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/acedb/celegans/rawdata
> add the suffix .ace to each file in acedb:rawdata
> Have your mac about 60M of RAM (use virtual memory if necessary)
> start acedb with 55M or so, get write access (password acedb)
> and select Read .ace files from the acedb menu in the main window
> click Open ace file, choose the first update file in the file parser
> and click Read all. This may take a long time for some updates,
> especially if you had to turn virtual memory on.

This will work ONLY AFTER you convert the UNIX line endings to Mac ones.
There are many free programs to do this. If you don't have one, let me
know and I'll put one on my FTP server. It is possible to eliminate a step
by getting the tar.z files directly to your Mac and using a Mac program to
un-Z and un-tar them. StuffIt Expander w/ DropStuff will do this quite

David Grant   dgrant at iastate.edu
USDA-ARS and Iowa State University

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