Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at KAA.CRBM.CNRS-MOP.FR
Mon Oct 7 03:47:53 EST 1996

in ace.4.3, escaping anything does work, but, in what may be
rather crytic, we have a double notation:

acedb>Find Paper [cgc*

will find [cgc-173]

that is: 
acedb>Find Paper xxx
takes xxx verbatim, without any attemmpt to interpret
special char like [] () + - etc

this is equivalent to

acedb>Query Find Paper IS "[cgc*"

where the "" protects [ from beeing interpreted
(actually IS is optional)

acedb>Query Find Paper IS [cgc*

-> unbalance [ error


Here is the table to perform the operation:
 "find all Loci
within x units of Locus A on any Map",

see below:

Should there be a flag to request case-dependent searches?  Both in text and
in classes that are defined as -CaseSensitive.

i suggest that case dependant seqrches only work for
casesensitive class
in which case we should allow =~ or something like that
to mathc reg-exp, including among other case-non-sensitive

5 The old syntax will continue to be available

 i am responsible and very sorry for the piece sorting
of very long tables
i have actually fixed that, i did not realized it went into 4-3
actually, i was not aware of the bug before it was reproted
by Ladeana, and i then fixed it immediatly

PLEASE: DO NOT FORGET to report such bugs, 
the correct way is not to wait for some eventual complete
revamp to talk about such things but to complain ASAP

this is not a failure of the old syntax, but a plain IMPLEMENTATION bug
and there is not the slightest doubdt that even a new syntax will
be plagued at the beginning with implementation bugs. All system have
bugs, including Mac-OS, c - compilers, UNIX, and yes acedb beats them all
by the density of implementation bugs, but we know about them
we are very willing to fix them.

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