macace update again

Richard Feichtinger feichtin at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Thu Oct 3 05:14:13 EST 1996

jdhardin at facstaff.wisc.edu (Jeff Hardin) wrote:

>Hi Richard-
>Sorry to bother you, but we have tried (repeatedly) to download your Macace
>datasets including updates through WS1.4-20. Unfortunately, the transfer
>was extremely slow (approximately 50 bytes/sec!!), and eventually the
>connection to your server was terminated each time. So, as an alternative,
>are their any special steps to adding the Unix data updates to Macace? I
>noticed that they're just text files, so once the tarZ files are
>decompressed, they ought to work. Is there some place I can look for more
>Many thanks!

Sometimes I think of the transatlantik internet connection like in the
years of telegraphy before seacables when you could morse a message
seconds to the coast, ship the written message across the sea and
it again on the other continent. The first one who gets the update in
states please put it on a server there.

P.S. Today, Oct. 3rd, is a holiday in Germany, there is a realistic
to get macace.WS1.4-20.sea.bin within 24 hours.

A short instruction of updating macace:

Get the new unix updates on your local unix machine (see news
ACEDB data updates for C.elegans for details). If you have installed 
a unix acedb already the update files are in $ACEDB/rawdata. 
To do it by hand:

uncompress update.WS1.4-*.tar.Z             #short: uncompress *.Z
tar -xvf *.tar          #to see what's in the files: tar -tf *.tar
       #you can combine those steps with: zcat *.tar.Z | tar -xf -

the updates are in /rawdata. In case there are new wspec files they are
/wspec (none this time).

Take a Macintosh ftp program (e.g. fetch) and get them to your Mac.

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