Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Fri May 31 11:12:42 EST 1996

I had a question about printing from the xace program.

When I print via the 'print screen' command my postscript
handling package 'transcript' dumps the print job because of
a non-conforming "trailer"... or missing "trailer" in PS

If I dump the image to a postscript file, then try and print
the same problem.  After examining the %%Trailer tag on the
end of the file, it is written as "%%trailer".  If I change
this to "%%Trailer" it will then print, but I get two copies
of each print job.

I examined the source code file "graphps.c" and it outputs
a '%%trailer" tag.

Is there a problem with my particular postscript handling package
'Transcript', or is this a bug for some systems, since all
postscript handling packages would probably not have a problem
with "%%Trailer" rather than "%%trailer"


Stephen Hauskins

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