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Staffan Bergh staffan at biochem.kth.se
Wed May 22 01:30:55 EST 1996

In article <4nsehv$nhj at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr (Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg) writes:
>please, who has a good embl to ace script ?

Jean (and anyone else that wants :-)

Check out ftp://ftp.biochem.kth.se/pub/acetools/embl2ace.pl.gz

This is a perl script I use for automatically pulling in EMBL records from our
xndt feed into MycDB. It is currently in a state of flux (the 'published
version' is 2.1, but I'm currently reworking it completely, to a more
'object'-oriented version, or I guess HASH-oriented is a better
word... Unfortunately I haven't got this in a working state yet.)

embl2ace.pl will take one or more records and perform all the conversion into
Sequence, Paper and DNA ace objects; it splits out CDS's and other subsequences.

Any questions and suggestions to

Staffan Bergh
Biochemistry, KTH, S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

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