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ACEDB Workshop

 Course duration : 3 days

 Course outline :

Advanced use of acedb.  For those wanting to use acedb to
manage their experimental data.

Organiser Richard Durbin.

ACeDB is a software tool to manage and provide easy access
to large collections of genomic data.  It is available from
the HGMP Resource Centre computers, where it provides a read
only front end to C.  elegans, human and arabidopsis genomic
data.  ACeDB, with many of the sets of genomic data it is
used to present, is available over anonymous ftp.  Users
acquiring their own copies of the program can use it to
manage their own collections of genomic data.

The objectives of the workshop are:

 - to provide a comprehensive introduction to the use of
ACeDB as a tool for researchers requiring easy access to
C.elegans genomic data.

 - to show how ACeDB has been used to provide a front end to
other collections of a genomic data.

 - to provide an introduction to the use of ACeDB as a tool
to manage genomic data

    Day 3)

     Provisional Topic: IGD:

       The Integrated Genomic Database (IGD) is an
international project to develop an information management
system for human genome researchers which interconnects
existing molecular biology databases and analysis tools.  It
is a joint project between DKFZ, Heidelberg (Germany), CNRS,
Montpellier (France), ICRF, London (UK), LBL, Berkeley
(USA), and MRC, London/Cambridge, (UK).

       As a database, IGD integrates and references
genome-related data from public sources, including GDB,
OMIM, EMBL, SWISS-PROT, RLDB, DNA Probe Bank, and several
other databases, including in the future mouse and farm
animals.  These databases are very heterogeneous in terms of
the way in which the data is organised and managed.  They
are also completely autonomous, so that no collaboration is
required from any of these database to become integrated
into IGD.

   Provisional Timetable:

   9:30-10.15   Introduction into IGD

   10.15-11.15   Navigating through the system:
                  text and graphics display

   11.15-13.00   Querying the system
                  Query by example
                  Query builder

   13.00-14.00   Lunch

   14:00-15:00   Data Structure
                  Query Language
                  Defining Tables

   15:00-17:30   Reading in Update Files
                  Modifying Data
                  Installation of your own system

19-21 June 96           (Cambridge)


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