ACEDB 4.1 Client/Server

Donn Davy davy at CUTTER.LBL.GOV
Fri Jun 14 09:46:59 EST 1996

There is a trick that works on my Solaris 2.5 system to get the inetd to 
fire up the aceserver.  It also worked, and was sometimes necessary in 
SunOS 4.1.x.  It is the following:

	1) start the aceclient using the */etc/services* number as the port.  

This will fail, but

	2) now starting the aceclient with the inetd.conf port will succeed.


%tail /etc/services
acecot117	1117/tcp	rpc.acedbd acecot117 acecotprod

%tail /etc/inetd.conf
1117/1  stream  rpc/tcp wait davy /usr/local/bin/rpc.acedbd rpc.acedbd 
/home2/zorn/data1/users/davy/acecot/acecot1.7 20000117 600:600:0

%aceclient donn.lbl.gov -port 1117

Sol2.5: [hangs] ^C

SunOS: //! cannot establish connection
//! usage: aceclient host [-port port_num] [-time_out nn_in_seconds] 
[-ace_out] [-ace_in] [-f reportfile parameters]

[but now,]

%aceclient donn.lbl.gov -port 20000117
acedb at donn.lbl.gov>


Like Mark Strivens, I have never gotten the server to start from 
inetd.conf by mentioning the service *name* there, but have had  
success using the services *number*, as in the above example.

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