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>Also, multiple client connections are forked from one session. For
>example, if I query classes and then click a returned link, another
>client connection is established - this eats into CPU and is probably
>not what was intended! 

Excuse me if this is really basic ...

If you make sure to do a closeServer call at the end of each 'transaction' this
problem will go away - in fact I think the openServer and closeServer calls in
Aceclient are a bit misnamed: they actually pertain to _clients_, not the
server. With the rpc setup, if you start a new client (with the openServer call)
then if no server is running a new server will be started (by inetd) *and* a new
client (although I've seen some problems with that bit - it seems the first
client just hangs ...). The following openServer calls will just connect to the
already running server. closeServer will close the active _client_, not the
server. The server will kill idle clients after a while (one of the timeouts in
the command line for the server tells how long a while) but if you have lots of
openServer calls in the script and don't close the clients as you go, it's easy
to overload the server - on my machine, when it gets up to a hundred active
clients or so, the server starts to return errors.

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