Mark Strivens mark at har.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jun 14 02:40:51 EST 1996

Your observation is correct about the line in inetd.conf,

> astrid_server/1   stream  rpc/tcp  wait   menes   /usr/local/bin/rpc.acedbd rpc.acedbd /local1/astrid   20000300  1200:1200:0
> all on a single line
> this is diffrent from what you report:  20000116/1      stream  rpc/tcp wait.....
> that is i declare in inetd by name not by number, you have no name link
but I have never got the aceserver to work on either a 
SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.5 machine by specifying the service
name at the beginning of the inetd.conf line. It has only 
ever worked using the rpc # instead, this according to the man
pages for inetd.conf is quite valid.   
     service-name        The name of a valid service listed in
                         the services file.  For RPC services,
                         the value of the service-name field con-
                         sists of the RPC service name or program
                         number, followed by a '/' (slash) and
                         either a version number or a range of
                         version numbers (for example, rstatd/2-

if try to restart inetd using 'kill -HUP' specifying the service
name rather than it's id in inetd.conf I get message like:

inetd[116]: acedbd/rpc/tcp: unknown service

> However, i am having trouble on a SGI, there the server works nicly in foreground, but not
> as a daemon, it keeps forking on each request

What do you think...?? I can't get it to run as a foreground
process either I get an error like:

!! internal system error : No valid port specified

Many thanks


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