looking for ACEDB - tools

Ulf Leser leser at rag2.RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE
Fri Jan 26 10:19:40 EST 1996


we are working a lot with ACEDB 4.1 here administrating and displaying data
about different chromosomes. On the scale we are operating, this clearly
includes the downloading of data from different sources (IGD, GDB etc.)

Even when we are so lucky that we can retrieve data-packages directly in the
ACE-format, we still face a lot of consistency-problems. What we really would
need are some tools to edit, analyse etc ACE-files.
1. Which Classes does it contain
2. How many and which objects to each class.
3. Split an ACE-file
4. editing and deleting of particular objects
5. Reconstruction of the model ( as far as possible)

and related questions.

Does anybody have such tools or know about some ?? We would be delighted..

Thank's in advance,
Ulf Leser

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