When text over ?text

Bradley K. Sherman bks at netcom.com
Wed Jan 10 18:38:18 EST 1996

In article <bksDKxDx2.2KD at netcom.com>,
Bradley K. Sherman <bks at netcom.com> wrote:
>Under what circumstances is it better to select
>``Text'' over ``?Text''?  I'm sure this has come
>up before but I couldn't find it in a WAIS session.

Jean Thierry-Mieg reminds me that the advantage of
Text over ?Text is one of RAM usage.  Each ?Text
object is read into memory on startup which uses
the length of the string plus 12 bytes overhead.

Additionally, if there are many references to
an existing ?Text object (more than 1000) it
can create problems for ACEDB.


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