ANNOUNCE: Linux ELF binary of Acedb 4.1

Jeff Bryer jbryer at trog.mbb.sfu.ca
Tue Jan 9 15:47:10 EST 1996

I must apologize for the delay on this.  I've actually had it done
and available for quite awhile now but I just realized that I had
forgotten to announce it on the newsgroup.

I have made available an ELF binary of Acedb 4.1 for those of you who
run ELF only systems.  The a.out binary is and will continue to be
available.  The archive is available from:

What follows is the Readme file for the port.

jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca


October 12, 1995

This is the ELF binary version of ACEDB v4.1 for Linux and can be
found at
If your Linux system cannot handle the ELF format, an a.out version
is also available.

Linux is a free Unix-like OS available for the Intel [345]86 platform.
You can find out more about Linux in the comp.os.linux.* groups on usenet.

Acedb runs very well on Linux, but you will need a fairly loaded system.
I reccomend at _least_ 16MB of RAM and a 486/33.  You will also want a
large disk that can accomodate the database's growth.  More RAM is
much better than a faster processor.  A 486/66 with 32MB RAM will
blow the doors off a Pentium/100 with 8M.  You should have 32MB of swap
for updates.
You should be running Linux 1.0 or better and either the a.out
shared libraries (I am using libc 4.5.26) or the ELF libraries
(I am using libc 5.0.9).  Other versions should work, but are untested.  

  Jeff Bryer
  jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca

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