Problem with multi-value fields

Pradeep Tagare ptagare at CADEV6.INTEL.COM
Thu Jan 4 13:35:06 EST 1996


I have the following class in the models file:

?Author name text
        Paper Text Int

And the data file is:

Author James
Paper  "JournalA" 1989
Paper  "JournalB" 1992

Author John
Paper  "JournalA" 1992
Paper  "JournalB" 1989

If I run a query such as:

Find Author where Paper=* AND NEXT=1992, I get back only the author John,
not James, which means that  the query engine just looks at the first
value in the multi-valued Paper field.

On the other hand, if I run the query:

Find Author where Paper="JournalB" AND NEXT=1992, I get back tha author James,
which is correct.

I find the same behaviour in the table-maker. If I try to generate a table
with 3 columns:	Author	Journal	Year, I get the following table:

Author	Journal		Year

James	JournalA	1989
James	JournalB	1989
John	JournalA	1992
John	JournalB	1992

The Year value is not right for the 2nd line in each author.

Any clues, work-arounds?



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