xcontigview (!)

Michael Otto otto at Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
Mon Apr 29 01:41:59 EST 1996

Hi Newsgroup,

is there someone with experiences compiling/installing the program
Xcontigview (Version 1, Release 1) by Hugues Roest Crollius ?

The program was presented at the ACEDB'95 Workshop (in Berlin ?)
and it looks like something we can need.

I tried the install it on a SUN SparcStation 20 (32 Mbyte Memory),
pathnames should be correct (I believe), but the Makefile stops with
errors at the very first source-file telling me that it did not find
some procedures (>imageformats< and >load_image_proc<).
Using grep, I found, that these procedures do not belong to the
program itself. Don't know what's missing

 - can anyone help me -

I also tried to install it on an IBM/AIX system (RS6000). Here the
Makefile works without any error messages, but the executable dumps (!)

 - any help would be very welcome -

  thanks in advance

  Michael Otto

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