Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Thu Apr 4 03:11:18 EST 1996

I got  a qustion on grid display: how to use it for my own data

The important thing is to declare a grid object and a corresponding view:

for the worm they go as follow:

Grid : "POLY1"
view  "GRID-1"

View : "GRID-1"
Grid_map         2 Colour BLUE
Grid_map         2 Surround_colour GREEN
Grid_map         2 Tag "Hybridizes_to"
Grid_map         1 Colour LIGHTBLUE
Grid_map         1 Surround_colour YELLOW
Grid_map         1 Tag "Hybridizes_weak"
Grid_edit_default        "Hybridizes_to"
Grid_edit_menu   "Hybridizes_weak"
Grid_edit_menu   "Hybridizes_to"

the full grid object reads

Grid : "POLY1"
Title	 "Yac polytene filter 1"
Lines_at	 3 4
Space_at	 12 8
View	 "GRID-1"
Row	 1 Clone "Y48A1" "Y47C7" "Y11A1" "Y40G6" "Y24C9"
Row	 2 Clone "Y48A12" "Y53F10" "Y38H4" "Y26A2" "Y53H11"
Row	 3 Clone "Y11D8" "Y56F10" "Y54C1" "Y42E1" "Y50D2"

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