plural aceservers on the same machine

Takako Igarashi taka at nihs.go.jp
Thu Apr 4 04:33:32 EST 1996

I would like to thank Dr.Thierry-Mieg and Dr.Bigwood for advising 
me on aceserver again. 

At last I could run two aceservers on the same machine!!
At first I tried to run CSNDB (the database for cell signaling networks, 
which I demonstrated at the ace95 workshop) and the new database. 
But this combination of databases did not work expectedly at all. 
Next I tried to run the new database and the copy of the new database, 
then I succeeded to run these two aceservers ! 

Though I am not sure what is wrong with CSNDB, some of modifications 
on CSNDB may cause some trouble. I will continue investigating 
the cause of trouble with CSNDB. 

Anyway I received much advice on how to use aceserver. It was a great 
help for me. I would like to appreciate for the kindness. 

Takako Igarashi
Division of Chem-Bio Informartics
National Institute of Health Sciences
1-18-1,Kamiyoga,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan 158
tel  +81-3-3700-1141 ext.296
fax  +81-3-5717-7180 
email  taka at nihs.go.jp

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