plural aceservers on the same machine

Takako Igarashi taka at nihs.go.jp
Wed Apr 3 03:53:31 EST 1996

Thank you Dr.Thierry-Mieg, Dr.Bigwood, and Dr.Holt 
for advising me about "plural aceservers". They all taught 
me that it is possible to run plural aceservers on the same 
machine simultaneously. Dr.Thierry-Mieg sent me examples 
of aceserver configuration files. He also let me use new 
ace4.3d. Thank you for your kindness, Dr.Thierry-Mieg. 

I am sorry, but my two aceservers have not run simultaneously 
on the same machine yet, even on ace4.3d. Only just after 
rebooting the machine, I can run one of the aceservers. 
But once I ran one of the aceservers, the other aceserver 
cannot be run at all, untill next rebooting. Only the aceserver 
which I started just after rebooting can be run. 

When I attempted to run the other aceservers, I got the error 
message by aceserver program,
"//! cannot establish connection".
I found that once I accessed one of the aceservers, the 
corresponding rpc.acedbd process remained permanently, 
though I finished the corresponding aceclient process. 
(Of course, that rpc.acedbd process was vanished after rebooting.)

I use SGI/IndigoII irix5.3. I am glad if anyone tell me the 
information of aceserver system on irix. 

Dr.Bigwood kindly told me that he would attempt to debug the 
entries of rpc and inetd.conf. Then I added corresponding 
my entries.
wwwace          20000100   rpc.acedbd
wwwace2         20000200   rpc.acedbd
wwwace/1 stream rpc/tcp wait taka /usr/local/bin/rpc.acedbd rpc.acedbd /usr/peop
le/taka/wwwace 20000100 600:600:0
wwwace2/1 stream rpc/tcp wait taka /usr/local/bin/rpc.acedbd rpc.acedbd /usr/peo
ple/taka/wwwace2 20000200 600:600:0

I am sorry to bother you with my question.
Thank you very much in advance. 

Takako Igarashi
Division of Chem-Bio Informartics
National Institute of Health Sciences
1-18-1,Kamiyoga,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan 158
tel  +81-3-3700-1141 ext.296
fax  +81-3-5717-7180 
email  taka at nihs.go.jp

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