another table.menu.wrm complaint

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Wed Sep 27 15:19:45 EST 1995

> thanks for the report on:
>  Tablemaker can't query ("Condition")
> i put that very high on my agenda

merci!  While you're in the TableMaker code, here's another problem I'm
having trouble working around.

The %1-substitution mechanism from the Tree window "Tables..." box (via
wspec/table.menu.wrm) into the Condition of a column definition still isn't
satisfactory.  A long time ago (ace3-0 or before) I complained that it
didn't work when the name of the current object contained multiple words,
so you fixed it by substituting only the first word of the name.  Thus I
could find the desired objects using "%1*".  E.g.:

Colonne 0 
Subtitle "Trait_Study" 
Width 0
Class "Trait_Study" 
>From 0 
Tag "(null)" 
Condition "%1*"

The only problem with this was the degeneracy, that all objects beginning
with that word are found as hits, not just the current object.  Now under
ace4_1 there's an additional problem.  The "*" is being stripped off, so no
hits are found at all.

I wonder if it would be possible to substitute the whole object name into 
the Condition, enclosed in double-quotes so multiple words are allowed.

- Dave

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