Text:USA has 1417 > 1000 celLs

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Fri Sep 22 06:16:35 EST 1995

> the performance of acedb degrades extremelly badly when the number of
> nodes in an object becomes large.

Thank you Jean, it's very helpful to know this.

> Text:USA could be modified to be a tag, it does not seem so crucial to
> XREF back from that text to the object...

Hmm, that's a neat idea.  While I'm asking, is there any performance problem
with having many tags available at the same point in a model?  There are
about 250 different country codes for example.

> ... or be downgraded from ?Text to Text

I don't think I ever need this auto-XREF feature of ?Text.  I've been
changing most of my texts from Text to ?Text partly because of bugs in Text
(historical; the only current one I know of is the Tablemaker querying
problem I mentioned recently) and partly because I'd thought it was stored
more efficiently than ?Text.  I guess I had it backwards.

- Dave

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