saving metabolic pathway diagrams

rd at sanger.ac.uk rd at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Sep 11 12:48:59 EST 1995

David Grant asks about saving new layouts for metabolic pathways.
This is easy to do.

You should first get write access from the main menu first.  Then
display and edit the pathways (using the middle button to move
items)y.  As you quit an edited diagram window, it will ask if you
want to save the new layout.  Any for which you say yes will be saved
in the databases.  To make these changes permanent you must either
"Save" from the main menu, or say yes when acedb asks if you want to
save changes when you quit the whole program.  

I just checked that this works in 4_1.  There is a bug fix registered
for July 13 (before the 4_1 release) about saving the same thing
multiple times from one invocation of acedb, but saving changed
diagrams once should have worked in earlier versions.  Anyway, people
should be switching to 4_1.


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