Macace 4-8 problems

rd at sanger.ac.uk rd at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Sep 8 04:36:53 EST 1995

The original macace.4-8 distribution at NCBI contained a corrupted version of
the macace.4-8C.sea.bin file, which prevented it being installed properly.  I
have retransferred this file to NCBI from England, and it has been checked.
To complete installation of macace you should get the new copy from NCBI, and
follow the original instructions.

I have been told that sometimes with big self-extracting archive files they
may not self-extract properly with the default memory partition set.  If you
single-click on the file, then "Get Info" (Apple I), you can increase the
size of the memory partition.  Something larger than 2096 will apparently be

Richard Durbin

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