wwwace now available

JD Barnett jbarnett at nalusda.gov
Mon Oct 30 11:09:03 EST 1995

wwwace provides a world wide web interface to ACeDB's graphical
displays. This package includes modifications to the ACeDB source code to
build wwwace, and the CGI scripts in perl to be run from the web. It is
designed for ACeDB version 4, to be run along with the text-based WWW
interface to ACeDB developed at NAL. 

The interface acts like xace with only the left button available. Only single
clicks can be passed back from a clickable image in an HTML document.
Thus, any right button actions (e.g., pop-up menus) or any drag operations
are not supported. (The only exception is the modification to the gmap
display to allow scrolling.) In wwwace as in xace, two clicks are required to
follow a link to another object on the display. 

wwwace can be downloaded at:  ftp://probe.nalusda.gov/pub/tools/wwwace.tar.gz

See http://probe.nalusda.gov:8000/acedocs/wwwace.html for more details, and
send questions or comments to gig at gig.usda.gov

-JD Barnett

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