four Tablemaker questions/comments

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Wed Oct 25 16:06:50 EST 1995

1. Is there any way to recover all the values of a tag that is defined as
REPEAT in the model?  E.g. all the ?Text's from

?Presence Present ?Text REPEAT // e.g. 14.5 6.6 4.4
          Absent ?Text REPEAT

Neither From nor Right_of in the table definition seems to work.  All I get
is the first value of each REPEAT series.

2.  It is possible to sort on multiple columns using the "Switch" button.
If column 3, for example, is switched into the first position, the whole
table is sorted on the column 3 values, thus:

Position(3) Map(2)              Locus(1)
0           Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  aHor2       
0           Hordeum-NABGMP2-2H  MWG844      
0           Hordeum-NABGMP2-4H  WG622       
0.7         Hordeum-NABGMP2-7H  dRpg1       
0.8         Hordeum-NABGMP2-7H  Plc         
1.5         Hordeum-NABGMP2-6H  PSR167      
2.1         Hordeum-NABGMP2-7H  ABG077      
2.3         Hordeum-NABGMP2-2H  ABG058      

Then by switching column 2 into the first position, the values of column 3
remain sorted within each value of column 2:

Map(2)              Position(3) Locus(1)
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  0           aHor2       
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  11.1        Act8A       
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  81.1        MWG943      
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  93.3        His4A       
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  105.4       Dor3        
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  119.6       AtpB        
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  137.9       ABC261      
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  147         ABG710B     
Hordeum-NABGMP2-1H  159.3       MWG912      
Hordeum-NABGMP2-2H  0           MWG844      
Hordeum-NABGMP2-2H  2.3         ABG058      
Hordeum-NABGMP2-2H  5.4         WG516       
Hordeum-NABGMP2-2H  19.9        MWG682      

This "Switch" interface for specifying the column to sort on has been made
more intuitive in ace4_1.  There is now a field "Sort column" at the top of
the table definition window.  However the new interface doesn't work for
sorting on multiple columns:  setting the Sort column to 3, then to 2 leaves
column 3 scrambled again.  (The "Switch" routine still works.)

3.  In ace3-0 it was possible to ascii dump a table with the columns aligned
with Space characters, as in the examples above.  This was a really nice
feature.  I guess I should have said so while we had it, rather than waiting
to complain now that it seems to have disappeared.

4.  There are a lot of really nice features in the Tablemaker.

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