parameters in tables in 4.1

Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Mon Oct 16 07:00:15 EST 1995

I just noticed that in 4.1 parameters
in spread sheets:

// Spread sheet definition for the ACeDB software 
// Date: 1995-10-13_09:04:16

// %n (%%n in the graphic)  are parameter to be given on the command line in tace
// \%n (%n in the graphic) are substituted by the value of column n at run time
// Line starting with // are ignored, starting with # are comments

 do not work, becasu of some indirect effect
 i fixed it, 
 so parameters worked in 3.7, will in 4.2, don't in 4.1
 the reason is that the parameter \%1 in the external file that you load
 is not stripped to %1 in the table that you see on the screen,
 if on the screen, you type %1 (for the value in column 1) the system
  very sorry

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